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I love to make jewelry.  I make necklaces, pins,
bracelets, earrings, and anything else that can
qualify as jewelry.  I use fabric, tyvek, clay, metal,
beads, and ribbons.  I hope you enjoy seeing some
of my work.
This fabric necklace was stuffed, painted and embellished
with rubber stamping and an air-dry clay embellishment.
The pieces for this necklace were created with permanent markers on pellon.  I sprayed the
Pellon with rubbing alcohol, making the colors bleed.   I crocheted the necklace cord with  
beautiful Japanese raffia yarn.  I cut necklace pieces from the colored pellon, punched small
holes in each piece, and then attached the pellon pieces with long pieces of the Japanese raffia
to the necklace cord.  I added a few pieces of colored tyvek to the necklaces as well.
This is a pin.  I pushed one of my
rubber stamps into air-dry clay.  
After it dried, I painted layers of
colors to add interest and depth.
This pin was created from Dye-na-flow dyed cheesecloth,
painted fabric, wire beads, and tyvek embellishments.
This is an embossed metal pin.  I
embossed the metal with a ballpoint
pen and then colored it with permanent
markers.  The metal is glued to a piece
of children's fun foam to give it stability.
I created the air-dry clay pieces by pressing my rubber
stamps into them and then painting them
.  I crocheted a
necklace band, sewed the pieces to the band and
added metal embellishments.
This whole piece was created with
wire and yarn.  I sewed various small
pieces together to form the whole. The
finished piece hangs from wrapped
The two necklaces show above were created using
stamped images put through the Xyron laminating
machine.  I cut out the images and punched a tiny hole
in them  and then sewed  them to a croched band.
This necklace was created by printing
a photo of water lilies in black and
white on fabric.  I colored the image
with layers of paint, made a fabric
necklace cord, and added an air-dry
clay button on the top of the piece.
This necklace has stuffed shapes,
laminated shapes, air-dry clay shapes,
and lots of little cord pieces hanging
throughout the design.  The center
piece started as a doll and then I
created a fabric triangle to put behind
the doll.  The necklace cord is
This necklace was created from heavy cardstock.  
I rubber stamped the paper with my doll shapes
and then added a lot of paint to the rubber
stamped images.  I punched small holes in the
pieces and sewed them to fabric cord that I
created to make the necklace itself.  I let many
pieces of thread hang down the necklace to make
it more interesting.
This entire necklace is machine
embroidered.  It was my attempt at using my
machine for embroidery.  I had a great time
overlaying many different sewing threads.  I
turned the embroidery into a necklace and
added a glass button, lots of seed beads, and
embellishment threads.  The necklace band
is knitted on very small needles. I flattened
the area that meets the necklace and painted
lines with a very fine brush.
This necklace started with a painted piece of
fabric that I lightly stuffed.  I added laminated
pieces and metal dangles to the bottom of the
necklace.  The necklace cord was crocheted and
then I sewed rubber stamped fabric motifs to the
crocheted cord.  Fabric motifs are glued layers of
fabric.  I glue three to four pieces together to
make the fabric motifs and then I trim them and
paint the edges.
This is a polymer clay necklace.  I used texture
stamps for the edges and the top piece and
then painted the middle with overlapped rubber
stamped designs. To create the necklace, I
used a technique that I learned from my friend
Petra from New Zealand.
This necklace is composed of overlapped
fabric motifs (see the description of fabric
motifs to the right of this necklace).  I
created fabric cord and then sewed the
motifs to the cord with metallic gold thread.  
I let the thread ends hand down into the
necklace.   I added air-dry clay pieces to the
fabric cord after sewing the fabric motifs.
This is a shrink plastic necklace.  I created all
of the shrink plastic beads with Kit
Zimmerman's shrink plastic and then painted
them with Jacquard's paints.  The beads are
strung on rubber cord.
These two pieces are made from shrink
plastic.  The two pins were created with clear
shrink plastic and colored with permanent
These two necklaces were created on painted fabric.  The backing pieces for both were flat
rectangles, lightly stuffed.  I sewed fabric motifs to both of the necklaces.  The left necklace has
buttons sewed across the top and a translucent air-dry clay piece glued to the top.  The
necklace on the right has an air dry clay piece added to the top right where the necklace cord
meets the necklace.  The necklace cords are made from painted fabric.
I created these two pins by layering rubber stamped paper, cords, threads, and commercial
fabric into my Xyron laminating machine.  I trimmed the pins after the lamination and added
additional paint to the edges.
This necklace was created by sandwiching
fabric and yarns into a sheet protector
sandwich.  I ironed the sandwich between two
teflon sheets making all of the elements fuse
together.  While the plastic was hot, I pressed
one of my texture stamps into the warm
plastic.  Then I added additional color with
permanent markers on the outside of the
necklace piece.   I used a large pony tail band
for the necklace cord and sewed the main
piece to the necklace with seed bead loops. To
finish the piece, I added a fabric button on the
left and a copper piece on the right.
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