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My mother was a doll maker.  I watched with fascination
as she created gorgeous clothes for her cloth and
porcelain dolls.  She was known for her small, leather doll
shoes.  I tried to make dolls when mom was alive, but my
dolls were strange and completely different than mom's.  
After mom passed away in 1986, I was obsessed with
dolls and had a new interest in making them.    I hope you
enjoy seeing some of the dolls I have created.  They are
all cloth dolls and I have painted or stamped the fabric,
sewn them and then stuffed them after cutting about a
half inch area around the doll shape.  After stuffing them, I
paint that 1/2" area around the doll with acrylic paint.  
When the paint is dry, I use very sharp embroidery
scissors and cut around the doll leaving about 1/8" of
border.  I paint the border with additional colors of paint
to finish the doll.
I added two dolls to the above free-standing mini quilt sculptures.  The dolls were created like
the other dolls.  The doll in the above sculpture has a metal face that I make with thin metal and
a ballpoint pen.  I punched two holes in the metal and sewed the metal face to the doll.  I also
added strips of fabric for that doll's hair.  Both dolls were glued with fabric glue to the
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