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Painting Pizzazz is a name I give to the basic class
that I teach showing many painting, layering and
rubber stamping techniques that I use in my
artwork.  On this page I will share some of my
most recent artwork.
Both of these pieces were created at Rainbow Silks, in Great Missenden, England.  I use a
product called "Deli Paper" or "Sandwich Paper" under all of my work.  Paint from wet fabric
soaks through onto the paper.  I let the paper dry and then tear it into small, or large pieces to
use for collage.  I sew and glue additional sandwich paper pieces to the main piece.  I add
additional large pieces to create even larger finished designs.  I also use a Janome sewing
machine to machine sew the pieces together.  I might add more paint, lines, or
embellishments to add more visual excitement.  I buy the paper from a store called Smart and
Final in California.  Check with your local restaurant supply to find sandwich or deli paper.
This paper is called "Sheer Heaven"
which is available from Cre8it in
Santa Fe.  The paper is translucent
so you can paint on the top and the
bottom of the piece.  This piece was
painted with a variety of Jacquard
paints which I scraped.  I added
rubber stamped images over the
painted areas.
I used a piece of Bristol Board from Strathmore
to create this piece.   I applied a series of rubber
stamped images to the surface.  I sponged
applicator tipped lines to create more visual
richness to the surface.
This piece was painted on Strathmore's
scrapbooking paper.  I applied layers of
Jacquard's Neopaque and Sherrill's
sorbets.  I rubber stamped selected
areas for textural interest.  I collaged
strips of painted fabric and paper to the
surface.  I finished the piece with
Jacquard's Lumiere in an applicator
tipped bottle.
I used a piece of heavy illustration board for
this piece.  I built layers of Golden's molding
paste on the surface to create a variety of
texture.  While the paste was wet, I scraped
into it with a nail.  When the paste was dry, I
applied layers of Jacquard's Dye-na-flow.  
After the Dye-na-flow dried, I applied
Jacquard's Neopaque and Lumiere.
This piece was
done on fabric.  I  
applied various  
paints to the  
surface and
scraped the
layers while they
were wet.  I use
take-out knives,
credit cards,
combs, or any
other item that
can be scraped.  
To finish the
piece I added
three long strips
of fabric that
were digitally
printed.  I glued
the pieces to the
surface with
fabric glue from
Sargent Art.
This piece was done on a piece of
Strathmore paper.  I rubber stamped
repeat patterns with Sherrill's sorbets
and did various layers of colors.  I
added painted paper and fabric pieces
with a Janome sewing machine.  I
added a yarn wrapped chenille pipe
cleaner piece towards the top and an
air-dry clay piece left of center.
This piece was done on fabric.  I painted
checkboards onto the fabric with a flat brush.  I
added layers of rubber stamping with Sherrill's
sorbets.  I outlined selected areas with
Jacquard's Lumiere in applicator tipped bottles
with a size 7 applicator tip added to the bottle
(the tip is also from Jacquard).  I sewed lines of
ribbon vertically to the piece and finished it with
rows of seed beads.
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