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I very seldom sell my artwork.  Occasionally in
a class I might sell a piece or two.  There have
been many requests to sell my artwork.  I look
at my work as my little "babies" and am always
reluctant to part with them.  Finally, I am taking
a big step to put them up for sale.  I have tried
to price the work so that it is reasonable.

I have paintings, drawings, jewelry, handmade
books, digital work, and dolls for sale.  The
artwork will change on a regular basis
depending upon the sales.

In addition, most of the work on the pages
of this website and in all of the six books I
have written are for sale.

Call me to get a price at the phone number
listed in white below.  Please have the page
from the website uploaded if you are enquiring
about artwork on the site.  Please have the
page open if you are enquiring about work in
my books.

To purchase the artwork, you must contact me
in person by telephone
(818) 788-6730.  The first
person that wants a piece will get it and I will
delete it immediately from this page.  If artwork
is sold from the book or other pages in the site,
I will tell you on the phone.

The shipping will vary depending upon what is
shipped.  You can buy as many pieces as you
wish.  All paintings will come suitable for
framing.  The prices of the artwork will vary
depending upon the amount of work in each

The mini-quilts are all finished with an inner
piece of flannel and a fabric backing.

All jewelry pieces are ready to wear.

I hope you enjoy looking at the artwork for sale.
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Stencils from playing cards---this is in the
book "Creative Mixed Media"---8 1/2" x
11"   $125  S-1
Stitched Collage---8 1/2" x 11"  Variety of
collage stitched onto paper.  This is in the
book "Stitched Collage".   $125   S-3
Mini-quilt---hand embroidery, beads,
applique, rubber stamping, painting.  
9" x 13"  $350  S-2
Woven paper---painted, stamped, sewn,
embellished.  This is a free-form piece and could
be hung from dowels or floated in a frame.  
12" x 16 3/4"   $300   S-5
Sewn, collaged, embellished, and painted on paper
with fabric overlays.  Mounted on a piece of digitially
printed heavy paper.  The paper around the collage
the collage is now dark with subtle color showing.
12 3/8" x 10 5/8"   $175   S-7
Sewn, collaged, and embellished with
three air-dry clay pieces on the right
strip.   10 1/2" x 13 3/4"  $175   S-4
Sewn, collaged, and embellished
with fabric cord and buttons.   
Mounted on a large digitally image
piece on heavy paper.  The design
overlaps into the background
10 5/8" x 13 3/4"   $175  S-6