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Collage can be so many things.  It can involve
sewing or gluing paper together.  It can be paper,
wood, fabric, thin clay, or other media attached to
a surface with glue, gel medium, staples, sewing,
or anything else that you can imagine.  Collage
opens up creative possibilities like no other
medium.  I love to do collage because I often am
led in directions that I never anticipated.  I love to
teach collage classes and the samples below
show some possibilities for classes that you
might take with me.  Have fun!!!
All four of the above pieces were done on Strathmore's Bristol Board.  I started by applying
layers of paint from Jacquard.  For the next step, I glued the images of me as a baby, my
mother and father, me at 6 years old, and my mother and father at the ages when they met.  I
glazed over the images with Jacquard's Textile color diluted with water.  I added rubber
stamping details, some collage pieces, an air-dry clay piece, fabric strips, and Provo Craft's
Cuddlebug strips to some or all of the pieces.  These pieces are my idea of scrapbooking.
These two pieces started with layers of paint on cardstock.  I added layers of rubber
stamping to texture the surface.  I glued various textural elements that I created on Provo
Craft's Cuddlebug.  They have wonderful plastic sleeves that you can put paper into and
then run through a roller system.  I also cut alphabet pieces using Cuddlebug templates.  I
used the alphabet pieces in the collage.  I added paint to the textured pieces and the cut out
pieces and then glued them to the surface.  I finished the designs with painted details.
I painted layers of color using Jacquard's paints on fabric (left piece) and cardstock (right piece).
I scraped through some of the areas with the wooden end of a brush.  I rinsed and cleaned facial
wipes and dyed them with Jacquard's Dye-na-flow.  I tore the pieces and glued them to the
painted surface. I finished the left piece with satin stitching on my sewing machine.  I finished
the right piece with painted details.
I glued inkjet images of feathers to a piece of
Strathmore Bristol Board.  I added layers of
colors with a sponge square using
Jacquard's Neopaque, and Lumiere.  I
softened the colors of the leaves with diluted
Jacquard's Textile Color.  I finished the piece
using one of my texture rubber stamps using
Jacquard's Lumiere.
I painted layers of color on a piece of wet
paint that I scratched into while the paint
was wet.  When the surface was dry, I
glued air-dry clay pieces and a button to I
painted layers of color on a piece of
selected areas.heavy board.  I added
brushed lines and
To create the paper that I used, I painted 24 weight copy paper with various paints and then
crumpled them while they were wet.  I used old inkjet images and plain paper.  I created
stacks of paper using that method.  It is a wonderful way to create collage papers.  I took the
pieces to the sewing machine and started layering some of the larger pieces together to get a
base.  I continued adding collage pieces. These two pieces were created at the same time.    I
finished the pieces by adding fabric cord in coordinating colors.  I created the cord by taking
a painted piece of fabric about 1/2" to 1/4", wetting it, and then twisting and ironing it.  I glued
the cord to the surface.
I started this collage with a piece of inkjet
printed printmaking paper.  I glazed the
paper using Jacquard's Textile paint.  I
wanted to darken it. Then, I created a piece
of painted cardstock using sponged layers
of colors.  I added Provo Craft Cuddlebug
textures to the cardstock and rubber
stamped areas to finish the cardstock
painting.  To finish the design I sewed the
piece of cardstock to the inkjet printed
paper and added a few painted lines.
I created this collage on Illustration Board.  
I painted and sponged layers of colors and
then collaged various pieces of painted
and rubber stamped paper and fabric to
the surface.  I created a piece of air-dry
clay using one of my rubber stamps.  
When it was dry, I painted it in colors to
complement the collage and glued it to the
surface.  I added painted lines to add
textural interest.
I painted watercolor paper to create the
background of this piece.  I added digitally
glue and also by sewing it in place with my
Janome sewing machine.  I sewed horizontal
lines of color with DMC floss.  To finish the
piece, I added painted lines with Lumiere
metallic gold.
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