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I love adding different embellishments to my
painted surfaces.  Embellishment basically
means adding ornamentation to a surface.  The
embellishment can be sewn thread, yarn,
buttons, beads, wrapped pipe cleaners, fabric
cord, air-dry clay pieces, fabric motifs, shrink
plastic, lace, cords, painted and ironed tyvek,
sheer fabrics, Angelina, and many more three
dimensional pieces.  The key here is to have fun
choosing just the right embellishment to make
your finished design beautiful and intriguing.  If
you check my jewelry page here on the website
you will see other embellishments.   Have fun!!!
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I created this piece by spraying an inkjet image
with water.  The colors bled and while they were
wet, I added drops of Jacquard's Dye-na-flow to
the wet surface to create more color intensity.  
When the piece was dry, I added colored pencil
to the surface and did layers of machine stitching
to the area just to the right of the center.
This piece has a great deal of
embellishment added to the surface.  
It has glossy photo paper sewn on
selected areas, tyvek pieces glued to
the across areas, stitched layers, and
fabric cord sewn to the surface.  The
embellishments add rich textures to
the finished design.
This piece started with painted
and rubber stamped fabric.  I
added additional fabric layers,
painted facial wipes, and ribbon to
embellish the surface.
This piece started with painted fabric pieces that were sewn together to create
the background piece.  I added additional fabric pieces, machine sewing, and
applicator tipped lines to finish the design.
This piece combines layers of colored fabrics, buttons, beads, cords, facial
wipe strips, and hand sewn embellishments.  The various items work
together to create a vibrant surface.
This is a complex piece that combines layers of fabric, paper, digital images,
buttons, machine stitching and a wrapped pipe cleaner.  The various elements
work together to create and exciting and harmonious whole.
This piece has many embellishments added to it:  beads, digital fabric, dyed
facial wipes, sewn cord, and machine embroidery.  The colors are vibrant and
exciting and many different painting techniques were used to create the
finished design.
This piece was used on the cover of my book "Creative Mixed Media
Techniques".  It has painted and stamped fabric, fabric cords, a metal
turquoise cord on the right, and machine stitching added to the surface to
create exciting embellishments.
This piece started with a painted background.  I added additional painted strips
to the surface as well as satin stitching, and needle felted strips.  All of the
elements work to create the finished whole.
This painted and sponged piece incorporates silk fabric, fabric cords,
satin stitching, zigzagged areas, and ribbons.  Adding embellishments to
a surface is great fun and always an exciting adventure.