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I love doing colored pencil work.  When I taught
public school, it was a favorite media of my
students.  I use colored pencil on fabric, over digital
images, on mini-quilts, on my paintings, on paper,
and any other surface that can accommodate this
wonderful medium.  I also love to teach colored
pencil techniques.  The medium is easy to use and
the possibilities are endless.  
I started with a digital image of a leaf photo that I shot
in the Caribbean.  I worked on the image in Paint Shop
Pro and then printed it on cardstock.  I added layers of
colored pencil to the image to create the final piece.
This piece also started as a digital image.  I
of two photos, overlapping.  I printed the
image on cardstock and used colored pencil
This piece also started as a digital image.  I
to create additional color depth and more
textures.  Colored pencils are so easy to use
on digital photographs I love working with
them.  I hope you will try colored pencils on
your own digital images.
This is a fabric piece that has
a lot of appliqué, fabric
windows with additional
fabric behind the windows,
machine stitching, satin
stitched lines to coordinate
all of the elements, layers of
sponged paint, and rubber
stamped textural areas.  I
loved doing this piece.  I
started with the piece in the
middle and then tore a piece
of painted fabric in half and
sewed it to the right and left
sides of the original piece.  
To complete the design, I
added layers of colored
This piece started as a piece of inkjet
fabric from Jacquard.  I appliquéd  
several painted strips of fabric with a
sewing machine.  To complete the   I
added layers of colored pencil creating
a series of overlapping textures.  The
colored pencil brought the overall
composition to life.
These two pieces were created in the same
way.  I printed a large digial image of my art
glazed the piece on the right with Jacquard's
Textile color to darken it and unify the
elements.  I painted a piece of cardstock with
layers of paint.   I collaged Cuddlebug shapes
to the cardstock, and then sewed the
cardstock to the background with a sewing
machine.  I finished the pieces with additional
paint and layers of colored pencil.  The piece
on the left shows the layers of colored pencil
quite clearly.
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