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I love to teach and would love to come to your store, private
group, school, association, quilt group, museum or home to
teach a specially selected class for you. My classes can be
tailored to scrapbookers, fine art painters, calligraphers,
quilters, wearable artists, artist book creators, clay artists,
printmaker's, or any other specialty group.


I charge $60 per person, per day for a six hour class.  The
minimum is $600 per day.
I often exceed the six hours since I am so enthusiastic, I want
to get that last technique in before I leave.

I require transportation costs to and from the teaching venue.  
That would include shuttle costs to and from the airport and
round-trip airfare to the teaching location. Airport meals will
also be charged if I have a long layover before arriving.

If I drive to your location, the cost is $.45 per mile.  If you are
located in another state and I drive to the location, I will work
with you on the mileage cost.

I require housing in a clean, comfortable hotel, motel or
private home.  If I stay in a private home, I would need a
separate bedroom and bathroom and privacy to relax after

I require three meals per day, including dinner the night
before I teach and breakfast the day of departure.

I will work with you if you are a small group and need help
with my pricing.  

Please call me at:  (818) 788-6730 or
email me at:  to inquire
about having me come and teach for you.


Painting Techniques from A to Z:  This class can be up to five days in length.  It is best
taught as at least a two day class since there is so much information that it needs more
than one day.  Each day is very intensive with extensive demonstrations and hands on
experiences.  The painting techniques can be created on any porous surface such as
fabric, illustration board, cardstock, wood, leather, etc.  Each student will leave class with
a variety of techniques to use in their creative endeavors.  I teach: sponging, rubber
stamping, simple printmaking techniques, resist techniques, glazing techniques,
stenciling, wet into wet techniques, creating textured surfaces for painting, using
alternative tools, and much, much more.  This class can be for all groups since the
techniques are applicable for scrapbookers, calligraphers, fine artists, fabric artists,
crafters, etc.

This is a really wonderful class since we
create small wall hangings using painted or
commercial fabric as the base and then add
additional fabric and embellishments such
as buttons, beads, air-dry clay pieces, and
embroidery.  We can do hand sewing,
machine sewing, use paper, colored pencils,
digital images, or any other element to make
our hangings unique and beautiful.  The
class can be from two to five days.

This is a very easy and fun class.  The
techniques that we use to dye the scarves
are very simple since we use Jacquard's
Dye-na-flow.  The paint heat sets with an
iron and it creates gorgeous patterns on
the silk.  To embellish the scarves,
applique, beads, more paint, buttons,
ribbons, and any other embellishment can
be used.  This can be a one or two day

I love teaching this class since there are so many
possibilites.  We draw, we paint, we do prints, we
do collage, we use paper, we use fabric, we use
unusual embellishments, we sew, we glue, we
rubber stamp, and on and on.  Because it is
mixed media, the media is up to you.  I send the
supply list and then you decide if you want to
start with a large piece of fabric or paper.  You
might want to use wood, or leather.  It is all mixed
media.  I can gear a class to just one media.  It is
up to you.  I will customize the class for your
needs.  You will love this class.

In this class we take your digital
photographs and distress them, paint them,
add rubber stamping to them, use oil pastels,
crayons, and colored pencils.  We print
images on fabric, cardstock, textured fabric
pieces, thin papers, or other surfaces that
can go through the printer.  This is a really
fun class because you learn to push the
envelope with your images.  One day is okay,
but two days are best.

I am fascinated with printmaking.
There are so many possibilities with
printmaking techniques.  In this class
we will do one or all of the following
techniques:  silk screening,
thermofax printing, gelatin printing,
styrofoam plate printing, fun foam
printing, Dorland's wax printing and
many more techniques.  This class
can be from one to five days.  It is best
to concentrate on one printmaking
technique per day.  I can customize
the class for your needs.

I love to do stenciling.  Again, it can be
on any porous surface.  In the example
on the left, I used a large playing card
from the dollar store, an x-acto knife,
and self healing mat to create the
stencil.  We can also use punched
shapes for stencils, Cuddlebug cut
outs, commercial stencils, or any other
item that has an opening in it.  I often
use sequin waste, netting, snow fence,
needlepoint canvas, and freezer paper
shapes.  As you can see the
possibilities are endless.  Let me
customize a class for your group.

The possibilities are endless in
this class.   The piece on the left
looks complex but it is very easy.  
There are layers of needle felting
and applique using a variety of
different fabrics.   I needle felt by
machine using the Baby Lock 12
needle machine.  I use the Clover
tool and brush for a more intimate
needlefelting experience.  Both
are delightful.  I will customise a
class for you. This class can be
one or two days.

This is a really fun and very popular
class.  We create everything from
air-dry clay pieces, to shrink plastic
pieces, to wrapped chenille pipe
cleaners, to embossed fun foam, to
fabric cord, to tyvek pieces, to wire
beads, to fabric motifs, and many more
wonderful 3 dimensional
embellishments.  The class can be
geared to a specific projects such as
bracelets, necklaces, or to add
embellishments to purchased books.  
We can embellish  purses, wooden
boxes or any other surface of your
choice.  I will customise this class for
your needs.

I taught colored pencil techniques for
thirty years in the public schools.  I have
spent thousands of hours doing colored
pencil and can see its use in every
imaginable creative project.  It is being
used on digital images, fabric quilts and
wall hangings, in fine art, mixed media,
and more.  I will teach total novices how to
use colored pencils.  My pencils of choice
are Faber Castel since their quality is
excellent and they have a huge range of
colors.  I can create a special class for
your needs from beginner to advanced

I started making books years
ago. I have made about 100
handmade books.  I can
teach a number of very
simple binding techniques to
more complex bindings.  
This is a great class and can
be from one to multiple days.
This class can be
customized for your needs.  
We can use fabric, paper, or
other material to make the
books.  Please look at the
book page on this website to
see more books.
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I absolutely love making rubbings.  I find
myself rubbing everything in sight.  I
especially love layering the colors to
make unusual patterns.  I rub plain white
and colored fabrics, papers, commercial
fabric, pre-painted fabric and anything
else that I can find.  I use rubber stamps,
rubbing plates, and anything else that
has texture.  The rubbings can then be
used in any creative work, including
quilts, collages, fine art, or whatever you
choose.  This can be a one or two day

I love to rubber stamp.  Having
owned a rubber stamp company for
over fourteen years, I try to use the
rubber stamps creatively to create
wonderful textures and colors on any
surface.  I use the stamps on fabric,
paper, canvas, wood, or any other
surface of choice.  I also impress the
stamps into clay to make wonderful
embellishments.  I like to create
imaginative compositions using the
stamps as if they were another tool,
like a brush.  This class can be a one
day or two day class.