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Sherrill's Artwork:Digital Images
I love doing digital images.  I use Picasa and
Photoscape for most of my work, but I also use
Paint Shop Pro.  I add paint, collage, colored
pencil work, oil pastels, ink or any other media
that works well with the image.
This piece is done on one piece
of fabric.  I added various
appliqué elements to the piece. I
also added beads, machine
embroidery, and digital images
printed on fabric.
This is a large piece that focus' on
my family.  Joel and I are at the top,
mom and dad are in the middle, and
Joel as a child is at the bottom.  
There is an extensive use of
Jacquard's Extravorganza (printable
silk organza) on the piece as well as
paper pieces.  There are also
buttons added as a design element.  
For the two pieces above, I used fabric that was not
coated with an inkjet surface.  I cut a piece 8 1/2" by 22"
from a roll of Jacquard's cotton with a paper backing.  I
ran the fabric through the printer twice.  While the ink
was fresh, I sprayed it with water, making the images
bleed.  I added detail to the designs with more paint and
also colored pencil.  I found that the black ink didn't run
like the color.  This spraying technique will not work on
laser printed fabric.
This piece is done on whole
cloth.  It started with a white
piece of cotton that I painted
with layers of paint.  I scraped
into the paint while it was wet,
creating a textured surface.  I
added appliqué pieces of fabric
that were printed on inkjet
fabric.  I added colored pencil
lines and textures to finish the
This piece was created like the two pieces below. The background was printed onto cotton
and then sprayed. I added paint colors to the piece.  I added appliqué painted pieces to the
design. To finish the piece,  I added sewn satin stitch lines across some of the collage
I created both of the above pieces at a store called Rainbow
Silks in Great Missenden, England.  I printed two pieces of
Jacquard's cotton inkjet fabric first.  I sewed the two pieces
together in the middle.  I added appliqué to both pieces
using inkjet fabric.  I also created long strips of fabric to add
to the surface.  I made something called fabric cords to add
to the piece.  To make fabric cords, I wet a strip of fabric
about 1/4" to 1/2" wide and twisted it into cord on the
ironing board.  I ironed the twisted fabric while it was wet
and it left the cord twisted and ready to use on creative
The piece above and to the right are from
photographs.  I brought both images into
the computer and created strong
contrast.  I took a piece of fabric that had
white grids on it (the piece above) and
small stars (the piece to the right) ironed
them onto freezer paper.  I printed the
images on the fabrics.  To finish them I
applied a coat of matte medium.
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